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Models / Pauly Harker

Avg Rating: 4.0

Pauly Harker Vital Stats:
Height:  6'3
Age:  September 13, 1985

Pauly Harker is a former pornographic actor from Long Island, New York. His active years in the XXX Film business were in between 2007 and 2012. Pauly stands tall at 6'3" with a perfectly toned figure weighing 200 pounds. Pauly Harker has fucked many, many hot women.
Pauly Harker Updates

Heather's work-out day
Heather Havok, Pauly Harker 01/02/2017
Heather is an Asian girl from LA and a trophy wife. Her personal trainer isn't as interested in getting his fees as he is in getting into Heather's pants, and when he runs into her at a pizza joint he does just that. Hubby calls as the Aussie is sticking his cock in her mouth and she picks up the phone...

Sky and Krystal tagteam lucky dude
Jessica Steele, Pauly Harker, Sky Waters 01/02/2017
Sky and Krystal try to impress the hot guy hitting on them in the coffee shop by telling him what big rockstars their husbands are but all he's hearing is 'We're two slutty blondes and our husbands are thousands of miles away!' He talks these hoes into double teaming his dick and the fun really starts...

Emma helps the handyman
Emma Cummings, Pauly Harker 01/01/2017
Emma looks so wholesome, sweet and apple pie innocent, like sugar wouldn't melt in her mouth. And maybe it wouldn't, but she can make a cock melt in her mouth in record time. In this scene, Emma is doing the laundry like a good little housewife while hubby is at work paying the bills. Lo and behold,...

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