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Models / Shaun VanDamme

Avg Rating: 4.0

Shaun VanDamme Vital Stats:

Shaun VanDamme aka Miles Long is one of our good friends. Always has a smile on his face, always ready to whip it out at a moment's notice, Shaun loves his work and his work loves him.
Shaun VanDamme Updates

Kelli cleans the repairman's pipes
Kelli Shibari, Shaun VanDamme 01/02/2017
Kelli is a BBW and she just has to have something in her mouth ALL THE TIME. Cake, candy, black cock.. whatever. Kelli and her husband love the jacuzzi and when it breaks down handyman Miles Long is on the job! His diagnosis: clogged pipes. Kelli's thinks Miles' has the same problem, and she helps him...

Casey at the car shop
Casey Cans, Shaun VanDamme 01/01/2017
Casey Cans is a sexy little goth MILF who likes to take a little walk on the wild side every now and then. Miles Long is a black man with white pussy on his mind. Casey's husband is a car enthusiast whose love for his classic Impala is only surpassed by his love for his wife. Casey's husband is also...

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