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Models / Danny Blaq

Avg Rating: 1.0

Danny Blaq Vital Stats:
Height:  6'
Measurements:  curved 7" long 4.5" around

VITA means a short account of a person's life. So here's some info about my life. My name is Danny and I'm just an average looking, black male in the swinger lifestyle. I won't deny the fact that underneath my mild mannered personality and quiet demeanor, I am a complete and total slut when it comes to sexy women.

In April 2004 I stumbled upon local Maryland amateur porn girl Kat Noir in The Black Knights Yahoo! group where I'm a member. That July, after being in a weekend of gangbang shoots with Kat Noir and Susan Reno, Susan asked what my model name was. At the time I was just going with my e-mail address DrkLuvr69@aol for a name and she said I needed to come up with a better model name because I was good enough to have my own website.

So that night I got to thinking back about growing up in Hyattsville, MD. Danny Black is a nickname I was tagged with by friends because I have very dark skin. LOL So I decided to use Danny Blaq as my new model name. Inspired by a scene from the movie "Boogie Nights". I dropped the letters 'ck' for a 'q'. You have to see the movie to get it. :) Now, here I am.
Danny Blaq Updates

Happy Homemaker!
Danny Blaq, Vanessa Vexx 01/07/2017
Vanessa just looooves the black cock, the bigger and blacker, the better. She meets up with a dreadlocked bigdick guy and wastes zero time fulfilling her main mission in life. That mission doesn't have anything to do with what she does to survive, playing wife and mommy... it has to do with what she...

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